Build Foundations // Get Equipped // Know The Word

Our call is to equip DTS graduates with Biblical Foundations through the written Word of God, with reasonable answers for tough questions, and the skills of Communicating Biblical Truth Cross-Culturally. We want to catalyze a deeper understanding of The Word and Discipleship.

What is the purpose of the School of Biblical Foundations & Missions?

    the Characteristics of Truth


    our Worldview according to The Bible


    a life-long hunger for The Bible


    ourselves with Apologetics for tough questions


    different cultures and Worldviews


    questions with gentleness and respect

Program Costs:

Application Fee: $50.00 USD
Lecture Phase: $3990.00 USD
Outreach Phase: $3100.00 USD
+ Flights & Visas

Program Dates:

Fall SBFM starts September 15, 2019
Spring SBFM starts April 4, 2020

Program Duration:

Lecture Phase: 12 weeks
Outreach Phase: 10-12 weeks
SBFM Program Total: 22-24 weeks

Target Locations:

At YWAM Maui we focus our outreach locations to South East Asia. However, locations can vary for each SBFM depending on several different factors, current events, political climate, etc.

Program Prerequisites:

All SBFM Program students must be at least 18 years old or older on the SBFM program start date. Students must also have successfully completed a DTS program with any YWAM base.

SBFM: Lecture Phase (12 Weeks)

Lectures are centered around the core topics of:
    Understanding the Times

    Public Speaking

    Inductive Bible Study

    Cross-Cultural Communication

    Biblical Foundation for Christian

    Worldview Apologetics

    Competing Worldviews

SBFM: Outreach Phase (Optional - 12 Weeks)

Outreach is designed to put into practice lecture content, with an emphasis of teaching and discipleship.



    Cross-Cultural Communication

    Exercise Spiritual Gifts

    Reach the Lost