Serve // Grow // Lead

There are multiple staffing opportunities available here at YWAM Maui. In order to be eligible for a staffing opportunity at YWAM Maui you must have completed a DTS in YWAM. Your DTS could have been through any YWAM base, but you must have completed and graduated your DTS.

Staffing Needs:

Below is a list of some of our greatest needs regarding staff positions. We consider every role a high priority as we run together toward excellence.

  • Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Office Administrators
  • Marketing, Communications & Media
  • Cooks & Kitchen Department
  • Housing & Hospitality
  • School Staff
  • Our staff commitment is a minimum of 2 years. Each trimester you may have a new role(s).

Program Costs:

300.00/Mo. Fees
300.00/Mo. Personal Expenses
Includes Room & Board.

Arrival Dates:

Winter December 26, 2019
Spring/Summer March 29, 2020
Fall August 17, 2020

Staff Commitment:

2 year minimum

Program Prerequisites:

All YWAM Maui staff must be at least 18 years old or older. Completed and graduated a DTS at any YWAM base.